2017 AAR Seminar

The 2017 session invited papers that re-imagine philosophy of religion in a globally inclusive or critically engaged manner. The session discussed different ways of understanding the self in religious and/or philosophical perspectives. What is the nature of the self? What are the criteria for selfhood? When and from where does the self emerge? What are the trajectories or paths of the self? What are obstacles along the way of the journey or of self-discovery (Selbstfindung, 自己発見)?

Three papers were discussed at this session:

“Two Islamic Global Philosophies of Religion: Suhrawardī and Shushtarī,” Oludamini Ogunnaike (University of Virginia)

“Nyāya theory of knowledge generating processes – the case of testimony. A comparative study of Nyāya and A. Goldman,” Agnieszka Rostalska (Ghent University)

“The Understanding of Self as a Psychosomatic Complex and Relational Nexus,” Kiseong shin (Drew University)