Morny Joy

Morny Joy is Faculty Professor in the Dept. of Classics and Religion at the University of Calgary, Canada. Dr. Joy’s BA is from Sydney University, Australia; MA from University of Ottawa; and PhD from McGill University, Montreal. She also spent a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Chicago studying with Paul Ricoeur. Professor Joy’s research includes the areas of philosophy and religion, postcolonialism, and intercultural studies in South and South-East Asia, as well as in diverse aspects of women and religion. In recent years, she has published three edited volumes on: Continental Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion (Springer 2011); After Appropriation: Explorations in Intercultural Philosophy and Religion (University of Calgary 2011); Women, Religion, and the Gift, An Abundance of Riches: Springer (2017).Her most recent publication is: Explorations in Women, Rights, and Religions (Equinox 2020). In 2011 Dr. Joy received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Helsinki, and she is also a Life Fellow at Clare Hall, University of Cambridge.