Diversifying Philosophy of Religion: Critiques, Methods, and Case Studies – TOC

How might philosophical studies of religion enter the globalized, 21st-century world? Diversifying Philosophy of Religion: Critiques, Methods, and Case Studies is the first of four volumes whose contributions develop neglected topics and issues in the philosophy of religion.

Section 1: Critique and Methods

  1. Deprovincializing Philosophy of Religion: from “Faith and Reason” to the Postcolonial Revaluation of Religious Epistemologies – Jacob Sherman
  2. Postcolonialism and the Question of Global-Critical Philosophy of Religion – Andrew Irvine and Purushottama Bilimoria
  3. Why Philosophers of Religion Don’t Need “Religion”— At Least Not for Now – Tim Knepper
  4. Is Philosophy of Religion Racist? Sonia Sikka
  5. Re-envisioning Philosophy of Religion from a Feminist Perspective – Morny Joy
  6. Philosophy of Religion beyond Belief: Thinking with Anthropology’s New Animists – Lisa Landoe-Hedrick
  1. Theory and Method in the Philosophy of Religion in China’s Song-Dynasty – Leah Kalmanson
  2. The Theory and Practice of the Multi-Entry Approach – Gereon Kopf
  3. Comparison of Religious Ideas in Philosophy of Religion – Robert Neville
  4. The Relevance of Scriptures – Steve Smith

Section 2: Case Studies

  1. Ethnographically Informed Philosophy of Religion in a Study of Assamese Goddess Worship – Mikel Burley
  2. Praxis – Louis Komjathy
  3. Nishida Kitarō’s ‘I and Thou’ through the Work of Jessica Benjamin: Toward the Issue of Equality –  Mayuko Uehara
  4. The Nguni traditional ‘religious’ thoughts: The Isintu philosophy of the Zulu/Ndebele – Herbert Moyo
  5. Approaching a Lakota Philosophy of Religion – Fritz Detwiler
  6. Yasukuni, Okinawa and Fukushima: Philosophy of Sacrifice in the Nuclear Age – Ching-Yuen Cheung
  7. Technology and the Spiritual: From Prayer Bots to the Singularity – Yvonne Förster
  8. Can you see the seer? Approaching Consciousness from an Advaita Vedānta Perspective – Varun Khanna