Gereon Kopf

I am committed to a global, diverse, equitable, and just philosophy and strive to engage more voices in the philosophical discourse. To this end, I have developed the Multi-Entry Approach to philosophy, which is based on a fourth-person philosophy. A philosophy for humanity has to be fashioned by humanity. It has to be inclusive and to emphasize an ethics of understanding over an ethics of judgment. This approach has to be two-pronged: First we need to expand the communities and traditions that are represented in our philosophical approach. The areas of, e.g., philosophy of religion and philosophy of mind cannot solely be driven by anglophone discourses. Second, we need to critically rethink our philosophical approach and acknowledge as well as retreat from methods and methodologies that are grounded in hegemonic thinking. Based on my reading of philosophies around the world, I have critically engaged the so-called first- and third-person approaches and developed a fourth-person approach. This approach moves away from the grand narrative traditionally advanced in philosophy departments and suggests a creative multilogue that includes and engages as many approaches, narratives, and ways of thinking as possible.

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