Herbert Moyo

I am a comparative philosopher interested in demonstrating that, among the Nguni people of Southern Africa, ‘religion’ is neither monotheistic nor a belief system. What may be called religion by Western philosophers is a way of life that fulfils the Isintu ethic of Ubuntu. Isintu is a term that envelopes traditions, cultures and worldviews of a Nguni–Ndebele community. Ubuntu is lived in community of the living, the living dead and those yet to be born. My research on Isintuism uses ethnophilosophy to expose and discuss the Nguni knowledge systems, ‘beliefs’ and normative human communal behaviors that are embedded in Isintu. I show that this African intellectual traditions are embedded in idioms, proverbs and folklore which are the philosophy and or sources of the philosophy of ‘religion’ of Isintuism.

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