2019 AAR Seminar

The 2019 seminar focused discussion on proposed contents for Gereon Kopf’s edited volume, A Multi-Entry Approach to Philosophy of Religion. The volume is an anthology of collected essays to function as a teaching manual for courses in philosophy of religion that embrace a global-critical approach. The contents explore sixteen diverse approaches to our discipline. Each chapter introduces a philosophical system, contextualizes it in a specific religious tradition, outlines how philosophy of religion would be envisioned from this standpoint, and then assesses other approaches from this standpoint. 

The following draft chapters were presented at the seminar:

“Practices, Transformation, and Language Games: Religion without an
Essence,” Gereon Kopf (Luther College)

“Derrida, Zen Buddhism, and the Act of Religion,” Jin Y. Park (American University)

“Knots in the Real: An Akbari “Philosophy of Religion”,” (University of Virginia)

“Philosophizing “Religion” through Qi-Cosmology,” Leah Kalmanson (Drake University)

“Proper Acts, Knowledge, and Categories in Jainism: Reshaping
Traditional Distinctions,” Marie-Helene Gorisse (Ghent University)

“Relationalism (Lakota),” Fritz Detwiler (Adrian College)

“Rethinking Conventional Approaches in Philosophy of Religion: Classification, Comparison, Appropriation,” Nathan R. B. Loewen (University of Alabama)

“Sikh Scripture and Sacred Synesthesia,” Nikky Singh (Colby College)

“Symbolic Language (Tillichian Approach),” Nathan Eric Dickman (University of the Ozarks)

“Religions,” “Philosophies,” and the Problem of Mapping,” Peter Nekola ( Luther College)