2018 AAR Seminar

The 2018 seminar discussed “philosophies of the cosmos”. The aim was to advance new categories, questions, and content for a global-critical philosophy of religion that is not already represented in the theistic philosophy of religion. The papers specifically engaged five sub-questions: (1) What is the cosmos, if anything? (2) Where does the cosmos come from, if anywhere? (3) Where is the cosmos going, if anywhere? (4) How does the cosmos get there, if by any way (predestination, intervention, hierophany, experience)? (5) What obstacles lie in the way of the cosmos, if any (“evil”)?

Three essays were discussed at the session:

“Where, Not When, Did the Cosmos “Begin”? Nathan Eric Dickman (Young Harris College)

“Cosmology and the Path to Liberation in Jainism,” Marie-Helene Gorisse (Ghent University)

“Nontheistic Options in Cosmomereology.” Jeremy Hustwit (Methodist University)